Q.  Why is your portfolio so small for almost 3 decades of work?

Let’s face it no one, including me, wants to see work from the late 80’s or 90’s. Yes, I did use Papyrus before it became cliche, but never ComicSans.  Most of my work was created in-house, meaning for the companies where I worked own the copyright.  Some pieces I have permission to show, some I don’t even have permission to have a copy for my personal collection. I have included a couple works from my last in-house gig that include custom illustration.

Q. Who owns the Copyright on Design work?

You do. When a project is complete a copyright transfer for the final product is included with the final PDF and JPG file(s). If stock photography has been used in the project, a copy of the photography license(s) will also be provided. I ask that LJP Creative is credited where appropriate.  Please see your contract for more details.

LJP Creative does retain the copyright for all rejected/unused concepts, mock-ups, and designs, and may use them at any time and for any purpose deemed fit by LJP Creative.

Q. Who owns the Copyright on Photographic work?

You do the entire time. By submitting your photo(s) to be retouched, you guarantee that you own the full rights to the photo(s) and are permitted to have them retouched. At no time does the copyright transfer to LJP Designs. If your photo was taken by a professional photographer, please include a copy of the photographer’s copyright release form, this gives me permission to modify his/her work.

Q. Why is my book cover, or other design, on your website?

Because I like it.

In the information I sent you is this paragraph:

LJP Creative reserves the right to post, publish, exhibit, and/or distribute any completed order in any form, including, but not limited to electronic, print, digital, and/or electronic publishing via the Internet, such as for use as a sample of my work and/or for advertising purposes. If you do not want me to use your final design, please indicate via email.

Q. There are typos in my book, program, etc., how?

I am not an editor.  I will make no changes to the manuscript or copy you send me.  Interestingly enough errors do tend to show themselves when a work is reformated, or worse printed.  This is why it is important to inspect your work before sending it to me and when I return it to you for approval.  I will gladly fix a few errors at your direction for free. (1 error per 500 words in a book, 1 per 100 in a brochure or program.)

If I notice that your manuscript seems unedited I will send it back prior to formatting for you to double check. If I notice something amiss then I will notify you via email.

I do recommend Grammerialy for a grammar and spell checker.

Q. Are there genres or types of work you will not do?

I am a mother, often my children are in the room when I work. Because of this, LJP Creative does not accept photos/projects considered to be lewd/offensive by the designer, i.e.,  extreme violence, nudity, pornography or erotica. (Basically if it was a movie and would receive an R or above rating.) Also, projects promoting illegal actives or discrimination against any group or race may be rejected. If LJP Creative determines that your project is not suitable,  your money will be refunded, and all information/photos will be returned. Please contact me if you question the suitability of your project.

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